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  1. 2 championship game 2 preseason rankings
  2. 2 regional rankings 2 playoffs 2013
  3. 3 national championship 2 college teams
  4. National championship games 2 national championship
  5. 3 playoff bracket Preseason rankings 2012
  6. 3 preseason rankings 3 regional rankings
  7. Ii championship game National champions year
  8. 3 playoff schedule 3 playoffs 2012
  9. 3 college teams Championship game 2013
  10. 2 playoff schedule Past national champions
Division 1 football trends:
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Preseason rankings 2012 3 preseason rankings3 regional rankings Ii championship game
National champions year playoff schedule playoffs 2012 college
Championship game 2013 playoff schedulePast national champions playoff brackets
Ea sports 2013 14 uniform dlcNational championship game playoffs bracket
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Ea sports 2013 National championship game14 uniform dlc playoffs bracket
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Preseason rankings 2012 3 preseason rankings3 regional rankings Ii championship game
National champions year playoff schedule playoffs 2012 college
Championship game 2013 playoff schedulePast national champions playoff brackets
Ea sports 2013 14 uniform dlcNational championship game playoffs bracket
2 recruiting calendar 2012 fcs rankings tournament bracket rankings 2014
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Alabama hall fame brackets
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American football, is a sport played by two teams of eleven players on a rectangular field with goalposts at each end. The offense, the team with control of the oval-shaped ball, attempts to advance down the field by running with or passing the ball, while the team without control of the ball, the defense, aims to stop their advance and take control of the ball for themselves. The offense must advance at least ten yards in four downs, or plays, or else they turn over the ball to the opposing team; if they succeed, they are given a new set of four downs. Points are primarily scored by advancing the ball into the opposing team's end zone for a touchdown or kicking the ball through the opponent's goalposts for a field goal. The team with the most points at the end of a game wins.

American football evolved in the United States, originating from the sports of association football and rugby. The first game of American football was played on November 6, 1869, between two college teams, Rutgers and Princeton, under rules based on the association football rules of the time. During the latter half of the 1870s, colleges playing association ball switched to the Rugby Union code, which allowed carrying the ball. A set of rule changes drawn up from 1880 onward by Walter Camp, established the snap, eleven-player teams, and the concept of downs; later rule changes legalized the forward pass, created the neutral zone, and specified the size and shape of the ball.

American football as a whole is the most popular sport in the United States. Professional and college football are the most popular forms of the game, with the other major levels being high school and youth games. As of 2012, nearly 1.1 million high school athletes and 70,000 college athletes play the sport in the United States annually, almost all of them men, with a few exceptions. The NFL, the most popular American league, has the highest average attendance of any professional sports league in the world; its championship game, the Super Bowl, ranks among the most-watched club sporting events in the world, and the league has an annual revenue of around US$10 billion.

Football is not an Olympic sport, but it was a demonstration sport at the 1932 Summer Olympics. The IFAF has received provisional recognition from the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and a vote on making it an Olympic sport could be held as early as 2017. Several major obstacles hinder the IFAF goal of achieving status as an Olympic sport, such as the predominant participation of men in international play and the short three-week Olympic schedule. Large team sizes are an additional difficulty, due to the Olympics' set limit of 10,500 athletes and coaches. American football also has the issue of global visibility. Nigel Melville, the CEO of USA Rugby, noted that "It is recognized globally as a sport, but it's not played globally". In order to solve these concerns, major effort has been put into promoting flag football, a modified version of American, at the international level.